You would think that the case of the New York City police officer assaulting a bicyclist during a Critical Mass ride would be an open-and-shut case because of the overwhelming evidence against him on the video.

In fact, another video emerged during the trial against former NYPD cop Patrick Pogan that makes him look like even more of a thug.

However, his attorney is arguing that cyclist Christopher Long had it coming to him because he is an admitted pot smoker.

Yep, they’re grasping at straws here.

Pogan’s attorney is trying to convince the jury that Long was probably stoned at the time, so he became very aggressive and tried to hit Pogan with his bike on purpose.

Yes, we all know marijuana turns us into overly aggressive drivers.

The truth is, it looks like Pogan should try a hit of the weed to mellow him out because he obviously has some violent tendencies, not to mention trouble telling the truth.

The rookie cop ended up writing in his report that Long tried to ride his bike into him, which is why he had to body-check him into the sidewalk.

Pogan, who resigned to avoid being fired, is facing four years in prison on charges of assault and falsifying reports.

Pogan’s attorney is also trying to paint Long as being “anti-cop,” which is the same thing they tried to paint me as during my first trial.

But can they really expect someone who has been falsely arrested to be “pro-cop” … whatever that means?