By now, some of you have probably received an email from a good friend of mine named Eddie North-Hager who is pursuing a masters in online communities at the University of Southern California.

Eddie is conducting a survey on Photography is Not a Crime for one of his classes, but his information will also be used to improve the site. He occasionally comments here under “Enhager”.

If you haven’t received an email from him, you can take the survey here. It is completely confidential.

Eddie, who also works in media relations at USC, is a former journalist who has worked with me at three different newspapers; the Tucson Citizen, the San Bernardino Sun and The Arizona Republic. That is, until we both got smart and left the newspaper business.

As one of my best friends, he has assisted me greatly in turning PINAC into a success by serving as an adviser as well as helping promote it within the journalistic community.

I gave him access to the back-end of my site a while ago because if anything happens to me, which you never know, he’ll be the one to inform my readers. That is how he is obtaining the email addresses.

As mentioned, the survey is completely confidential, meaning your names and email addresses won’t go anywhere beyond his personal records. The only other person who has access to the back-end of my site is The Real Edwin, who is my tech guy and he doesn’t care about your email addresses.

The three of us are trying to take PINAC to the next level which will only benefit our readers.