George Donnelly, the Pennsylvania videographer who has proven to remain calm, cool and collected when confronted by abrasive security guards, was arrested Wednesday for videotaping outside a federal courthouse.

It is not clear on what charges because it is not illegal to film outside federal courthouses, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

At this time, it appears as if he is still in federal custody, even though the incident occurred Wednesday morning.

The incident occurred outside the federal courthouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania where Donnelly was videotaping activist Julian Heicklen, who was distributing jury nullification literature as we’ve seen him do on the previous occasions in which Donnelly was threatened by guards.

But this time was the worst.

Activist Jim Babb who was also part of their group told the Libertarian Examiner the following:

“We encountered the most aggressive opposition that I have seen so far.

“George attempted to video what was happening. Seconds later, they assaulted George and wrestled his video camera away. Thugs piled on George. One even put his knee on George’s face.”

It began when a female security guard approached the group in typical fashion as if they were doing something illegal.

“Julian chose to argue with her in a belligerent fashion,” Babb reports. “Within seconds, about 10 or 12 federal goons arrived. These people were extremely aggressive. The female assaulted Julian. He commanded her to back off.”

When Donnelly began videotaping the melee, they turned on him. It got so ugly that Babb even dialed 911.

“I called 911 to report an assault and robbery in progress. Things were very chaotic, stressful and happening very fast.

“We all had goons in our faces, but George was targeted for extreme violence to get his camera.

“A minute or two later, more goons arrived and kidnapped George. They threatened Julian and me as well.”

Babbs said that Donnelly had been taken to the Lehigh County Corrections facility and later transferred to the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia.

Stay tuned for updates.