Even though the controversial Arizona law that allows cops to use skin color as probable cause has not gone into effect, authorities have wasted no time in detaining American-born citizens simply because they looked too Hispanic.

Or as they would say it, because they were not carrying their papers with them at the time, including their birth certificates.

And some people still agree with this law?

Let’s not forget that we live in a country where we don’t even have to identify ourselves unless we are being lawfully detained or at least operating a motor vehicle.

And ever since the civil rights movement, lawful detainment meant that cops needed a little more probable cause than skin color.

The latest incident involves, not surprisingly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies who detained an American-born woman while conducting an immigration raid at a McDonald’s.

The woman, who is a manager, is a mother, a wife and is fluent in English.

But her skin was brown, so that obviously gave deputies enough probable cause to detain her for four hours.

About 20 other McDonald’s employees were said to be illegal immigrants, which just goes to prove they are stealing our jobs. At least our minimum wage, part-time jobs that normally go to high school students.

This is what Arpaio had to say about the detainment.

“That’s just normal police work, ” he shrugged in a news conference following the raid.

“Sometimes you do have probable cause, you do take people in for questioning, and they’re released.”

He’s right about one thing. That is just normal police work.

Police abuse probable cause on a daily basis throughout the country when it comes to simple matters as taking photos or shooting videos of cops.

They did it to me twice, even  though there is nothing in the law books to allow them to do so.

But now we’re going to give these cops in Arizona legal permission to shake down citizens at will?

At least one other American-born citizen was jailed in Arizona because he was not carrying his birth certificate.

How bad is it going to get when the law goes into effect?

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who apparently is the anti-Arpaio, said he will refuse to enforce the law because it is “racist” and “disgusting.”

But when you have a guy like Arpaio who has been racially profiling citizens for years, the last thing you want to do is give him a green light to ask for your green card.