Attorney Jon Katz, who runs the blawg (law blog) Underdog, was standing in front of a courthouse recording a video segment for his site when a bailiff told him he was not allowed to do so without a judge’s permission.

The incident occurred in Silver Spring, Maryland where three years ago, a private shopping mall was trying to ban photographs from a public sidewalk.

We’ve heard of several incidents where guards claim photography is not allowed in front of a courthouse, but this is the first case I’ve heard where a bailiff claims a judge’s permission is needed before shooting.

Although Katz knew he had the right to continue filming, he moved across the street to shoot his video where he offers advice on what to do when stopped by police.

This was Katz first video for his blog and he plans to do more, including shooting some clips standing in front of the Supreme Court where he will discuss cases.

Hopefully next time he gets harassed, he will capture the thugs on video.