A New Jersey man was harassed, intimidated and finally arrested for videotaping a group of cops who were undergoing “training” in a quiet residential neighborhood.

The cops were members of a SWAT team and were using explosives in an abandoned house, apparently training for the next time they violate somebody’s Fourth Amendment rights.

The man stood across the street and began filming and within one minute, he was confronted by a group of officers.

They asked why he was filming and he told them he was a documentary filmmaker.

But that didn’t satisfy them, so they continued asking why he was filming as if maybe his answer would suddenly change.

And then they continually asked him for identification, which he refused to provide.

They told him he was under legal obligation to provide identification because he was classified as a “suspicious person.”

Really? For filming a bunch of cops causing loud explosions in a quiet residential neighborhood? Who wouldn’t film that?

Then they ordered him to remove his hands from his pockets and informed him how some people go through the trouble of making guns out of cameras so they could shoot police more effectively. Or whatever.

And finally they discovered that the car he pulled up in had a cracked windshield, so they ended up taking him down to the station where he was held until he paid a $750 fine for an apparent suspended license, according to Cop Block.