A man known as RadioReport1 on Youtube has been waging a war against the New York City Police Department since 2007 when he claims he was “beaten, robbed and kidnapped” for taking photos.

This, of course, probably explains his antagonistic attitude towards them when they approach him while videotaping.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s actually pretty humorous considering he comes across as a modern-day Travis Bickle.

While he can stand to hold a steadier camera, he doesn’t lack courage in standing up to the cops.

In the above video, he was videotaping a car accident when an Officer Floyd came up to him and started harassing him for filming the bridge behind the accident scene, as if he were a terrorist plotting to blow it up or something.

The cop comes across as a complete moron. The action starts about 1:55 into the video. It’s funny.

The two videos below were posted in 2008 where he gets in a confrontation with an NYPD officer who dared question him while videotaping and a confrontation with a K9 officer who claimed to be a private contractor.

This is how he explains the first video below:

This was the second day they had traffic stops on a busy street with no vehicle to block the lane, making an unsafe condition for the motorists they pulled over.

I was going to fix a bike on the corner and put my camera on top of a box of tools I was carying and walked past them and then back.

The officer saw the camera and came over to ask if I was filming, giving some nonsense about making sure everything was OK.

When I pressed him on why he felt something was wrong, he told me he didn’t have to explain and called over his partner in the middle of a traffic stop on a blue Mitsubishi.

At the end, I just walked away from them, but taped them again, standing in the roadway making an unsafe condition.

As I went back to my house, I turned and saw them coming after me. I ran into the first alley and escaped into a nearby basement, which they followed me into and told the owner I was wanted for questioning.

By that time I was on the roof escaping down and out to my house.

The night before, they had followed a law abiding neighbor from the store to see if the beer he bought was open as he chatted outside the house, making him turn it over.

If that wasn’t enough, they had a gunpoint robbery where the guy ran a full block in view of the surveilance tower thay had set up, putting the gun away right where I was confronted, running right past them and they couldn’t catch him.

This is the second time I’ve had to run from them in recent weeks for taking pictures not anywhere near them.

The precinct robbery car chased me for not stopping when they saw me take a picture while they were on an improper car stop.

They broke into the building and rattled all the doorknobs while leaving the motorist hanging outside.

As I was beaten robbed and kidnapped by them last year, I don’t wait around for them to erase the camera so they could lie about it as they did last year.

NYCLU are you ready to take my case now?

Via Cop Block