The Seattle news director who refused to air the police brutality video that is now taking the nation by storm has resigned.

All I can say is good riddance.

Now if only the thousands of other spineless journalists who have corrupted the mainstream media would resign, perhaps we can bring some dignity back into the profession.

Steve Kraycik, a senior assignment and planning editor at Fox affiliate Q13, wrote a generic resignation letter when he resigned Wednesday.

The videographer, Jud Morris, ended up selling the video to Q13′s rival station, KIRO TV, where it immediately became national news because it showed the officer kicking a suspect in the head after threatening to beat the “fucking Mexican piss” out of him. The suspect turned out to be innocent and he was released within minutes after getting kicked.

Now Q13 and KIRO TV are involved in a copyright dispute as to who owns the actual video. The answer should be simple. It should be Morris but he apparently signed his rights away for a mere $100.

Kraycik has not explained why he didn’t think the video was newsworthy. But in this video interview with KIRO TV, Morris insinuates that it probably had something to do with the fact that they run “Washington’s Most Wanted,” where they admit on the about page that they have a partnership with local law enforcement.

Meanwhile, the officer who kicked the suspect, Shandy Cobane, is being investigated by the FBI for a possible hate crime. He has been placed on “administrative reassignment,” which probably means he will be kept out of the public eye while drawing the same salary.

There have also been suggestions that Cobane has a history of violence against citizens, but I can’t find that link right now even though I remember somebody sending me something. So if you have something, please post it in the comments section.