Update: Bob Etheridge apologized on Monday. Still no word on whether he will be criminally charged.

Bob Etheridge, a Democratic Congressman from North Carolina was walking down the street in Washington DC when he was asked a simple question by a student videographer.

“Do you fully support the Obama agenda?”

The Congressman got irate and began demanding “who are you? who are you?”

He then took a swing at the student before grabbing his wrist.

“We’re just here for a project, sir,” another student who was also videotaping the incident said.

“Tell me who you are,” Etheridge demanded.

“I’m just a student, sir.”

“I have the right to know who you are,” the Congressman insisted.

Etheridge then grabbed the student by the back of the neck.

This video is infuriating. Had he done that to me, chances are he would have ended up flat on his ass with a broken nose.

There is speculation that the “students” were actually republican plants. It doesn’t make a difference if they were the Watergate burglars, they had every right to film him walking down the street and ask him a political question.

While Etheridge did have the right to demand to know who they were, the videographers had every right not only to videotape him but to not tell them who they were.

What Etheridge didn’t have the right to do was commit battery on the videographer.

Let’s see how long it takes for police to arrest Etheridge. I’m not holding my breath.