Benjamimin Bartholomew of Wheatland, California sends in this photo of himself promoting the cause of photography not being a crime.

He spent a total of two-and-a-half hours on the side of a busy road holding this sign. He said he received several horn beeps of support.

And he plans to continue doing this at least once a week.

Here are some short videos he shot.

I, for one, applaud Benjamin for his efforts.

As believers in the First Amendment, we are experiencing a huge momentum shift in the country regarding these types of incidents, thanks to all the national news coverage.

We need to keep the fight going by never leaving home without our video cameras and never being afraid to use them when the time comes. If police want to arrest one of us, somebody else should be there to record it, even if we don’t know that person.

And when these issues come to light, we need to fire off emails to the to top officials like one PINAC reader did this week, informing them that we know the law and that we expect officers to know, respect and enforce the actual law in the books, not the ones in their head.

And we are going to take this fight to Congress. Just wait and see.