Monthly Archives: August 2010

Miami-Dade cop exposes abuse within his own department

From my experience, every time a police officer turns on his fellow officers to report abuse, he becomes ostracized and eventually forced out of the department. Hopefully that won’t happen to Miami-Dade Police Officer Frank Adams, who sat with the Miami New Times and described how hi

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Horny videographer ruins NYC photo shoot

So this hot chick is spreading her legs in a ballerina pose in the middle of busy Manhattan for some type of photo shoot when a random guy walks up and starts videotaping her ass. This prompts some of her friends to berate the guy for being a pervert, even though they were essentially

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San Jose deputy puts scare into photographer

Photographer Dave Cross was looking to take some photos near the light rail system in downtown San Jose when he was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. “Excuse me, sir,” the deputy told him. “What are you taking pictures of?” Cross, a senior developer at the Nati

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