HDNet posted a preview of what we can expect in its 25-minute episode of photographers’ rights, which premieres tomorrow.

In the above clip, we can finally see what took place after I entered the Douglas Road Metrorail Station with a camera that fateful day.

We can see the female security guard immediately order me out of the station, even though I had paid my fare.

And we can see the beret-wearing male security guard slap the camera out of my hand and confiscate it, refusing to give it back after I repeatedly asked for it back.

Obviously, photography was really not banned at the Metrorail because nobody made an attempt to stop us from entering the station with cameras during our successful photo protest.

Tomorrow’s episode will feature an interview with Tasha Ford, the South Florida model who was arrested for videotaping cops arresting her son, as well as a segment on Anthony Graber, the Maryland man facing 16 years in prison for uploading a video clip of a cop pulling a gun on him.

Below is a cut-and-paste from HDNet correspondent Greg Dobbs detailing tomorrow’s episode.

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