HDNet World Report posted a portion of the video they shot of my altercation with the Miami-Dade Metrorail security guard, but unfortunately, they only included the portion from when I started recording with my iPhone.

So the part where the 50 State Security guard smacked the camera out of my hand seconds after I walked into the station, only to confiscate it, is not on this video.

And the portion in which the security guard smacked my hand a second time in an attempt to knock the iPhone out of my hand is obstructed because HDNet World Report correspondent Greg Dobbs is in the way.

Of course the part where I smacked him a second later is clear.

HDNet World Report posted the video alongside my iPhone video, so you can see both angles simultaneously.

At 1:25 into the video, you can see the part where he smacked me on the iPhone video, even though it is not very clear on the HDNet World Report video.

And at 1:26, you can see me punching him on the HDNet World Report video, although that is not clear from the iPhone video.

And then you can see him coming after me with the metal baton in the HDNet World Report video, which is why I do my best to keep away from him before stepping out of the station.

Notice the female security keeps telling me to get the camera out of her face, but she is the one that keeps getting in my face.

Hopefully, HDNet World Report will post the entire video in its completed segment, which is due in about three weeks.