Canon Rebel is available at a 25 percent discount until August 16.

It took Photography is Not a Crime 16 months to reach one million page views. It took an additional ten months to reach 2 million page views. And it took another five months to reach 3 million page views as it did over the weekend

At this rate, PINAC might reach 4 million page views by the end of the year.

Which is all great for the ego, but it really hasn’t translated to money in my pocket.

That is why I am partaking in the Open Sky Project where I will be offering products to sell on this blog. It is why I also plan to launch a food blog because many of the products that are available for sale are food-related products.

Because today is the official launching of the Open Sky Project, I, along with selected bloggers throughout the country, are considered part of the “Open Sky Founders Club.”

I’ve selected a few products that might interest photography and food lovers.

And while I have no doubt that some of my readers will instantly pipe up and inform me that you can purchase some of the camera products cheaper at B&H, I doubt B&H is offering a 25 percent discount.

From now until August 16, customers will receive a 25 percent discount by using the coupon code EXCITE25.

That means the above Canon Rebel can be purchased for $459. It’s going for $519 at B&H.

If you’re looking for a point-and-shoot, the Canon PowerShot S90 pictured below is going for $463 or $347.25 after the 25 percent discount.

I will be adding products to the store throughout the week, so please keep checking it out.

And some of you mentioned you were interested in purchasing the Photography is Not a Crime shirts that Jim Winters of Nikon Miami was wearing the day of the Metrorail photo protest. He is selling them on e-bay for $38.

Also, PINAC is in the running for the South Florida Daily Blog Post of the Month. The post in the running is the one where Stretch Ledford and I were “permanently banned” from the Metrorail for taking photos. Obviously, that ban wasn’t worth the paper it wasn’t written on, but that post did lead to Sunday’s protest.

The post is currently running in second place behind my good friend, Maria de los Angeles, who also attended the protest and was the one who did the video interviews of me.

I’m 22 votes behind Maria, so I can use a little PINAC love.

Vote here. I’m nominee # 1.