A German tourist visiting the United States apparently thought he was back on the Autobahn when he reached speeds of 98 mph before being pulled over.

The tourist then switched on a video camera to capture the exchange between himself and the officer.

“Then why are you driving in my country,” the officer demanded when the tourist failed to properly acknowledge the speed limit on the road he was driving.

“You know what happens to nice little boys like you who have to go to jail for reckless driving — ass will be hurting for a month.

“You slow down and go 70 or you will get violated.”

The officer ended up walking away without writing a ticket, so the tourist was not only spared getting gang raped in a jail cell for the crime of speeding, but he was spared a costly ticket.

However, if the cop had discovered he was being videotaped, the tourist might have been thrown into a cell block filled with sexual offenders.