An Oregon man who was videotaping a traffic stop did not allow the officer to intimidate him with false laws.

Phil Logan-Kelly pulled over to document the traffic stop, remaining at a very well-respectable distance.

The Coquille police officer stormed up to him and demanded to know if he was being recorded.

When Logan-Kelly confirmed that he was being recorded, the officer told him he was “committing a crime” — which we all know is false.

Logan-Kelly calmly told the officer that he did not have an expectation of privacy, so therefore, no crime was being committed.

The officer then demanded his identification, but Logan-Kelly informed him that he was under no obligation to provide that either.

The officer then stormed off in frustration.

A couple of minutes later, the officer returned to write down Logan-Kelly’s license plate number down without saying a word in a clear demonstration of intimidation.

The video once again demonstrates the importance of knowing and asserting your rights.

Earlier this year, an Oregon police chief announced that his officers would continue arresting people videotaping them even though the local city attorney said people had the right to videotape cops in public.