A pair of political hecklers were ejected from a Bill Clinton speech in Florida after consistently disrupting his speech with shouts of 9/11 being an inside job.

Once outside, police asked for their identifications, which they refused to provide because they claimed they had a First Amendment right to disrupt the speech.

That part is debatable because it is clear they were disrupting the event and possibly committing disorderly conduct.

But what isn’t debatable is when an officer informed the men that they were committing a crime by videotaping the officers without their permission. The officer even attempts to confiscate the camera.

“If you are recording me, you are committing a crime,” one of the officers states.

The men rightfully inform the officer that they are not committing a crime by videotaping them.

A sergeant then walks up and does not appear to be concerned about the videotaping, only about the fact that the men are refusing to provide identifications.

But he wasn’t that concerned because he allowed them to walk away without further incident.