Private security guards hired by Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller attempted to block reporters from videotaping a journalist they had detained for asking the wrong question.

The Drop Zone security guards informed the journalists that they had the right to eject them from the event — which was open to the public in a public middle school — because they had rented the location for the evening, thus making it a “private event.”

The reporters did a good job on holding their ground even as security guards shoved them while accusing them of pushing into them.

That is a common tactic we’ve seen among security guards and ex-cops that have been featured on Photography Is Not a Crime, including the video of the former cop in California assaulting a news videographer as well as the Metrorail security guard who was shoving me.

One of the reporters insists that the Anchorage police officer who is in the background take charge, but that officer did nothing as the security guards took the law into their own hands.