Once again, teenage photo activist Jerome Vorus found himself educating – and embarrassing – police about basic Constitutional rights.

The 19-year-old Washington DC-based student who has proven countless times that he is no match for some dimwitted law enforcement officers was detained last week for taking photos of a transit facility from a public sidewalk in Alexandria.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority police officer T.R. Dyke confronted him about the photos, prompting Vorus to quickly ask him if he was being detained.

The officer told him to turn the camera off, which he refused to do. The officer then demanded his identification, which he refused to hand over.

The officer, obviously not accustomed to dealing with people who know their rights, then seemed at a loss of what to do, but did confirm that he was being detained, even though he was unable to state the reason behind the detainment.

Vorus demanded that he call a supervisor, which he did. Unfortunately, the supervisor was just as clueless.

Lt. Earl P. Brown ended up detaining Vorus for more than an hour.

This is how Vorus explained it in a Facebook message interview with Photography is Not a Crime.

The LT never informed me of why I was being detained. He only stated that it was a cause for concern and that gives him the right to detain me and ask for all of my information.

I continued to ask him could he give me a real reason of detainment and his answer was basically, photography.

Vorus has since fired off a letter to the WMATA Office of Inspector General complaining about his unlawful detainment.

The above video is both comical and educational.

Update: Below is the second video that Vorus just uploaded, which shows the continuation of the incident.