The Liberty on Tour crew continued their activism in South Florida by venturing upon several institutions in Broward County, including a federal courthouse, a county courthouse and a local college, where they attempted to distribute pamphlets on jury nullification.

If you remember, this type of action is what led to the arrest of George Donnelly early this year on felony assault charges because he was videotaping federal marshals.

Fortunately, nobody was arrested last week, but there were several interesting interactions with police officers and security guards about what rights citizens have to distribute pamphlets on public sidewalks.

The cameras rolled continuously as the activists, who were joined by James Cox of the Florida Fully Informed Jury Association, held their ground by stating their knowledge of their rights and the law.

This took place the day before Liberty on Tour joined me in educating Miami-Dade Metrorail security guards about the right to videotape on transit premises.