A New Mexico state employee assaulted a news videographer who was standing on public property attempting to document a breaking story involving skeletal remains.

KOB-TV cameraman Gadi Schwartz showed up to the Public Employees Retirement Association building in downtown Santa Fe last week, only to be ordered to leave the area by a state employee.

Schwartz, 27,  asserted his right to videotape on public property, which prompted the man – who was more than twice his age – to assault him.

The entire incident was caught on camera, but KOB-TV news director Julie Szulczewski chose not to air the incident – probably because Schwartz was openly mocking the employees’ attempts to clamp down on his First Amendment rights, which might have not come across too well by its conservative viewers.

The video was obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican, which uploaded it to its Youtube account. But earlier tonight, the video was made private.

I had the foresight of downloading the video to my computer when I had the chance, so now I’ve uploaded it to my own Youtube account. We’ll see how long it takes KOB-TV’s news director to try to get me to remove the video. I recommend everybody download the video.

New Mexico State Police, who viewed the video, said charges of assault and battery will be filed against the state employee, so there is clearly a news story here, even if Szulczewski failed to see that.

Meanwhile, investigators are trying to determine if the bones are even human.

The story Schwartz was working on involved the discovery Monday of bones by a construction crew working outside the PERA building. Pictures of the bones have been forwarded to the Office of the Medical Investigator and the state’s Historic Preservation Division for identification.

Garcia said it is not clear if the bones are human remains.