A South Carolina deputy is facing ten years in prison after he was caught on surveillance video beating a handcuffed inmate.

Kershaw County Sheriff’s deputy Oddie Tribble Jr. had to know he was being videotaped as he struck inmate Charles Shelley multiple times below the knee.

After all, he must have transported hundreds of inmates to the county jail during the 12 years he had been a deputy. It is not clear what prompted the beating on August 5. But it is clear from the video that Shelley was not resisting or fighting back.

The only thing he did not do was fall to the ground despite being struck more than 20 times.

He finally fell to the ground after the 22nd blow. Tribble then struck him an additional three times once he was down.

Tribble is now facing 10 years in prison as well as a $250,000 fine for using excessive force. Tribble and another deputy who can be seen pushing the suspect to the curb during the beating were fired for the incident.

According to the Rock Hill Herald.

Shelley had been charged with driving with a suspended license and giving false information to an officer. After the beating, Tribble and another deputy put him back in the van and drove him to a nearby hospital for treatment.