An undercover Seattle police officer went on a rampage one night back in October, repeatedly kicking a teenager in a convenience store who was not resisting and who doesn’t appear to have even been committing a crime.

That same officer then attacked another citizen who was videotaping police activity outside the convenience that night.

The officer, whose name has not been released, was placed on administrative leave while internal affairs investigates the videos.

The incident took place on October 18 as police were conducting an undercover drug sting outside a convenience store.

They say that one of their undercover officers ended up getting attacked in the parking lot as he tried to purchase drugs.

A surveillance video from the convenience store shows a 17-year-old standing near the counter as if he were attempting to purchase something.

Then we can some commotion outside the store with several men running through the parking lot.

This causes people inside the store, including the 17-year-old, to step outside the store to see what is going on.

Shortly after, everybody runs back inside the store, apparently under the orders of police.

The 17-year-old has his hands in the air as the undercover cop storms in and kicks him in the shin, taking him down. He then kicks him an additional two times before a uniformed cop pulls him off the youth so he can place handcuffs on him.

Police claim the teen was somehow involved in the drug deal gone bad outside, but the video shows he was inside the store when all the commotion started, so it is unclear what role he played other than being a curious bystander.

The overly aggressive cop then steps outside the door where he appears to punch a citizen attempting to videotape the commotion.

When the person tries to get the attention of a nearby uniformed officer after apparently being hit, the undercover officer can be heard saying “I am an officer you (expletive)!”

The first video went unnoticed by police until KOMO News received a copy of it, bringing it to the attention of police who claimed they had no idea it existed.

On Thursday, Seattle Police Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer said the surveillance video uncovered Wednesday showing the kicking incident was in a police file for two weeks and the department’s command staff was unaware of its existence.

After viewing the video and realizing KOMO News was about to show the world what took place, police had no choice but to suspend that officer, who is said to have 10 years of experience on the force.

That news story prompted a citizen to send KOMO a copy of the video from outside the store.

When KOMO News offered to show that video to police, they refused to watch it as if that would somehow absolve them of the situation. 

Asked to comment on the new video, Seattle police officials declined to view it, citing the existing investigation into the officer.

Talk about denial.

Check out the two videos below.