A man was parked on the side of a road in Michigan videotaping city public works employees was approached by a Lincoln Park police officer and harassed.

“Turn that off for me,” the officer tells the guy about his camera.

“I’m not going to turn it off,” the man responds. 

“Yes, you are.” “I’m sorry, I’m not.”

The officer then orders him out of his car and asks him why he is videotaping the city workers. The man tells the officer he is with the “Michigan government watch group,” which monitors “government waste and fraud.”

The officer then tells him he that police were dispatched to the scene with the following explanation: “Well because your videotaping caused in and out of traffic, cutting them off and they called us.”

The man responds by saying “I’ve got it on tape and none of what you said is true.”

And the cop reveals his true professionalism with the following:

“Don’t get on my shit. You’re fucking pissing me off. Shut your mouth. I come up here and you’re videotaping me, then you’re running all this stuff, relax, I’m here legally asking you some questions.”

“You’re getting threatening,” the man responds. “I’ll appreciate it if you would not be so threatening.”

The cop then orders the man to turn around and begins frisking him. Then he demands his identification. The man retrieves his license from inside the car.

“Turn the camera off,” the cop tells him again.

“That I can’t do.”

The cop then laughs and asks another officer, who is cannot be seen, asks the following: “Can we take him in for something?”

The second officer then appears on camera and displays much more professionalism than the first cop.

The first cop reappears and suddenly appears much more professional than he did in the beginning, probably realizing the second cop was not keen on harassing the guy for legally videotaping on the side of the road.

It is obvious the first officer knew he had no right to demand him to stop videotaping, but he displayed the usual intimidation tactics that most citizens succumb to.

Fortunately, more and more Americans are learning that we do not have to succumb to such intimidation tactics and unlawful orders.