We know that cops have the license to assault photographers without worrying about repercussions,  but what about politicians?

We will find out on January 27 when New York democratic senator Kevin S. Parker is scheduled to be sentenced for two counts of criminal mischief for damaging a camera belonging to a New York Post photographer who was taking photos of him on a public street.

Even though Parker was spared the felony assault charges he probably deserved, he could wind up imprisoned for two years.

But let’s be real. Parker is part of the privileged class, so he won’t spend a day in prison for his crimes.

Earlier this year, North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge assaulted a couple of videographers on a public street and simply apologized for the incident. He was defeated in his reelection bid but was never investigated by police, even though it was clearly battery.

Parker, who has a history of violence, was sentenced to anger management classes in 2005 after he punched a traffic agent in the face.

I was sentenced to anger management classes after photographing cops in 2007 in a conviction that I eventually had reversed on appeal.

I can’t imagine what my sentence would have been had I punched one of the cops.