Before Jared Lee Loughner fired off 31 rounds in his attempt to kill an Arizona congresswoman, killing six people and wounding 19, he was creating havoc with his camera.

Unfortunately, that will probably go down as a warning sign for future potential assassins.

As if camera-toting citizens did not have enough stigma to put up with.

On Sept. 29, Loughner walked into a Pima County employment center – which is a tax-funded government building – and began videotaping.

This, of course, caused everybody to panic. Workers inside the employment center ordered him to stop recording, which he refused.

They called a supervisor who also ordered him to stop recording, but he continued refusing.

According to the Arizona Daily Star:

“He had a video camera with him and was taking pictures in the building,” Mary Brodesky wrote to her supervisors.

“Front desk staff asked him to turn off camera and he refused. When job developer went up front to greet him he was using the camera. Job developer asked him to turn it off and Mr. Loughner refused.”

When Brodesky was called out, she wrote, “I said the staff person had not given him permission to use camera and he had to stop using it. He put camera in his pocket but it was still on and recording. I asked him to turn it off. He refused.”

“He pulled a crumpled copy of the Constitution out of his pocket and waved it at me saying it was his right. I attempted to calm him down but eventually had to ask him to leave the building, which he did.”

So yes, not only was he carrying a camera, he was also carrying a crumpled copy of the Constitution, which makes him a certifiable loon.

Well, we do know he is most likely a schizophrenic, judging by his online rants and interviews with classmates – not to mention his killing spree.

But if only he was carrying a camera that day instead of a gun, we would probably have never heard of him.

Except, of course, on this blog.