Fortunately, they were only Italian tourists and not Middle-Eastern tourists because they would be in the Guantanamo Bay military prison by now.

But the fact that they looked Middle-Eastern made them suspicious, even though all they were doing was videotaping natural gas tanks from a busy public street in broad daylight with a large video camera.

The tanks were in a Brooklyn Metropolitan Transit Authority bus depot and are clearly visible from the street through the gate.

If you can see it from the street, you can photograph or videotape it.

But the act of videotaping the tanks sent shivers of fear down the spines of transit workers.

As Tommy McNally, a transit union representative, told My Fox New York:

“They’re playing Russian roulette with security.”

“They’re jeopardizing the lives of the people of Sunset Park, Brooklyn and also the union members that work in the depot.”

McNally’s fear of cameras is understandable considering his tendency to display his ignorance on camera.

MTA investigated the incident and were relieved to discover the culprits were Italians.

But now the New York City Police Department is still investigating the incident.

According to the New York Post, there were three “mysterious” videotaping incidents on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The Post also reveals that the union transit workers are pissed off at cutbacks to security in recent years.

And that’s the real issue here, not the videography.