Just over a month after he was bailed out of jail by a Google engineer, Jeremy Marks was rudely awakened by almost 30 Los Angeles police officers who raided his home, seizing computers, cell phones and cameras as they ransacked his family’s home.

The incident took place Wednesday, according to a website called Liberation, which bills itself as the “newspaper for socialism and liberation.”

So far, the Los Angeles Weekly, which has been on top of this story from the beginning, has not mentioned anything about a raid.

According to Liberation:

As the search ended three hours later, the house interior was unrecognizable. In addition to electronic equipment, Jeremy’s notes, papers and legal documents were seized—many of these documents are privileged attorney-client communications.

Every item used to communicate with the outside world about Jeremy’s case was taken from every member of Jeremy’s family, including his parents’ and siblings’ personal possessions.

The raid took place as Jeremy’s mother was attempting to gather herself and bring her kids and the neighbor’s kids to school. The neighbor’s children were at the front door when police came up with shields and shotguns ready.

Pittman recounted to Liberation at the scene that she shouted, “Let me get my granddaughter! Let me get my granddaughter!” as the police barged into the house. Pittman also demanded to wake up her son, Jeremy.

While it might seem far-fetched to some that police would go as far as raiding the home of a citizen who was arrested for merely videotaping police, we’ve seen it happen in the Anthony Graber case and in the case of a Phoenix man who was raided after he was critical of police on his blog.

The apparent raid on Marks’ home was ordered by the district attorney’s office who is trying its best to send Marks to prison for seven years for “attempted lynching” because it claims the teen yelled “kick her ass” during a struggle between a female cop and a 15-year-old male student who was allegedly smoking something.

But it’s obvious who is doing the real lynching here.