No matter how tough we may try to come across in these forums, it is always an intimidating experience when confronted by police, even if you are not breaking the law.

For most of us, there is a natural inclination to want to cooperate with police and show them we have nothing to hide.

But the problem is, there is a risk in forfeiting our Constitutional rights in doing so.

Thanks to the internet, many of us are becoming more educated in how we can assert our rights confidently, knowing we can do so without breaking the law.

One of the most valuable resources in educating citizens is Flex Your Rights, a non-profit organization that has produced a series of videos explaining what we can do when confronted by officers.

Last year, I posted their popular series of videos, Ten Rules for Dealing with Police.

In the above video, Reason TV interviews the founder of Flex Your Rights, Steve Silverman, who provides more insight into these types of interactions, especially in how not to consent to an illegal search.