A Canadian man who videotaped two cops sleeping in their squad car ended up getting ticketed and fined.

Now the cops are under investigation as the video has gone viral.

Maxime Carpentier said he was driving by when he saw the cop car parked with the engine running, but didn’t see anybody inside.

He parked and walked up to the car to find the two officers in deep slumber with their seats titled back, including one who was curled up in the fetal position.

One of the cops woke up, then demanded his driver license, even though Carpentier wasn’t driving at the time.

After 30 minutes of detainment, Carpentier was handed a $156 ticket for having made an illegal u-turn – which we know the cops didn’t witness.

The police union president defended the cops, stating they might have been on their break. Or something.

But even if that were true, it would be pretty stupid of them considering how we’re always hearing how cops are in fear for their lives and how everybody wants to ambush them.

I know it’s Canada where everybody is a passive and peace-loving supposedly. But still, a cop sleeping on the job in full view of the public, whether he is on break or not, is still pretty stupid and deserves to become a viral video.