It is illegal to photograph the fools waiting to buy an iPad2 in front of an Apple store because the sidewalk is private, according to one clueless Californian security guard.

It is also illegal to photograph the guard from the street unless the guard has given his prior consent.

The only thing illegal that John Krill may have done was stand in the street to take photos after he was removed from the sidewalk, if he happened to be blocking traffic.

Krill describes the incident on his blog, Photoessayist.

Krill said that even though he knew his rights to take photos from the sidewalk, even telling the guard that he was wrong, he still moved to the street to continue taking photos, apparently to avoid confrontation.

He said he also photographed the guard from the street, but did not post that photo on his blog.

Me, I would not only have remained on the sidewalk, I would have snapped his photo mecrilessly, before pulling out a video camera to record his reaction.

Then I would have posted it all on my blog.

Yes, I’m a confrontationalist. But how else are these idiots going to learn?