It’s bad enough when we have to continually educate law enforcement officers of our Constitutional rights to take photos and shoot video in public, but when we have to start educating so-called journalists, then we know our work is cut out for us.

Take the case of New Jersey Ledger columnist George Berkin who believes the New Jersey girl who was detained her for videotaping police in public is completely out of line for filing a lawsuit.

Check out his column here.

Go look it up: the First Amendment guarantees the right to speak your mind, practice your religion, and peaceably assemble.

It’s a far stretch to say that the First Amendment gives you the right to videotape the police trying to help somebody in distress, particularly if that officer asks you not to interfere with their official duties.

At first read, you might wonder how can this man be employed by the largest newspaper in New Jersey with his complete lack of Constitutional common sense.

But if you start to do a little research on Berkin, you will realize he has no concept of reality on many of the issues he writes about.

Berkin is an evangelical Christian; a creationist who is always whining about his lack of religious freedom because schools are not teaching intelligent design – even though there is no science that supports this theory.

In other words, he has his own view of how society should be run and it’s not based on the Constitution, but on the Bible. Or however he interprets the Bible.

Not surprisingly, his asininity has raised the ire of atheists and evolutionists in the past, but now he has raised the ire of Constitutionalists.