A Hawaiian journalist was assaulted twice for shooting video; once by a member of the Dog the Bounty Hunter TV crew, a second time by a Maui cop.

The second incident was clearly caught on camera.

Tommy Russo, publisher of the Maui Time website, said he stepped out of his office and came upon a video shoot for the Dog the Bounty Hunter reality TV show in a parking lot.

He pulled out his cell phone camera to begin shooting video and was confronted by a security guard named Sonny Westbrook, who began pushing him away.

Westbrook then struck him in the mouth and swiped Russo’s phone.

Beth Chapman, wife of  Duane Chapman, the star of the show, places her light in Russo’s camera, demanding he shut it off, which is the height of irony considering the show’s main premise is to hunt fugitives down on video.

Russo called police to report the incident, but that only made things worse.

It was then that Officer Nelson Johnson of MPD told me I was “antagonizing” Dog’s gang. I panned the camera over to Officer Johnson and he charged me and hit me in the face opened-handed as he violently yanked the phone from me. I demanded he return it and he did, at which point I began filming again. 

While the first incident is not on the video he provided, the second incident is on it.

“You can’t film me without my consent. You can’t use my image without my consent,” officer Johnson tells Russo on video, proving that he is yet another cop who has no clue of the laws he is paid to enforce.

Russo said that Johnson charged him again.

He then charged me a second time, and as I turned away from him and shoved my phone in my pants he grabbed me and twisted my left arm behind my back, wrenching it painfully. I pleaded with him to stop, telling him he was hurting me. That only made him wrench harder.

This went on for at least three minutes. I was screaming for help. The more I screamed in pain, the more Officer Johnson wrenched my arm.

Eventually, a sergeant arrived on the scene, but Johnson then fabricated a story, claiming that Russo had charged at him with the camera, causing him to fear for his life, which is why he had to smack Russo in the mouth and take his phone.

 I called Russo to get more information, but his voice mail box is full.