Three men who were believed to be taking pictures inside a taxiing airplane raised enough suspicion to force the plane to return to its starting gate at Denver International Airport Thursday.

The men were removed from the United Airlines plane and questioned as well as a fourth man who reported the alleged photography.

Eventually, all passengers were removed from the plane while authorities swept the plane for “suspicious devices.”

Two of the three men in question loooked Middle-Eastern.

According to The Denver Channel:

No arrests were made. It’s believed that a couple of the passengers were taking photographs, or something like that, while the plane was taxiing, and that raised suspicion, said DIA spokesman Jeff Green.

The plane was allowed to depart two-and-a-half hours later. However, because it was already after midnight, it landed at Los Angeles International Airport instead of its intended destinatin of Santa Ana. The plane eventually arrived at Santa Ana, no telling how many hours later.