A Milwaukee cop speeds out of an alleyway without stopping and broadsides a woman in a car.

More cops arrive on the scene and decide to issue a warning to the woman in the car.

Journalist Geoff Davidian then walks up with a camera to begin recording.

Immediately a police officer accuses him of interfering with an investigation.

Within seconds, a second cop walks up, placing his hand over the lens and begins demanding Davidian’s identification.

Milwaukee police officer Joseph Anderer then twists the camera from Davidian’s hand and breaks the camera.

Davidian was then issued a citation.

That’s the story according to the Daily Censored.

The video doesn’t tell us who was at fault with the collision, but it does show an overzealous cop abusing the power of his badge to keep Davidian from recording the interaction.

I’ve sent Davidian a message through Facebook in the hopes to interview him. He has extensive experience as an investigative reporter, according to his bio.