A New Orleans Times-Picayune photographer was handcuffed and charged with battery on a police officer Tuesday after attempting to take a photo of a multi-car collision.

Ted Jackson had walked up an exit ramp to photograph the 13-car collision from an elevated point. One woman died and 17 people were injured in the collision.

But New Orleans police officer Garry Flot, a public information officer, told him he had to turn back.

Jackson did as he was told, but then attempted to take a picture of the pile-up on his way down.

Another officer, Larry Dace, who was walking with him, then reached out to cover Jackson’s lens, telling him he was not allowed to take photos.

Jackson said he instinctively swatted the officer’s hand away. Jackson was then handcuffed.

The handcuffs were removed after 10 minutes, but Jackson was still detained for 90 minutes as officers discussed what they could charge him with.

The eventually gave him a summons for crossing into a police area and battery on an officer, probably the first person in history to get a summons for battery on a police officer. Jackson is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.