A Tampa news videographer was told he was not allowed to shoot video of a residential street where deputies were conducting an investigation Monday evening.

Hillsborough County sheriff deputies told videographer Ryan French that he needed to move back because residents did not want their houses on video, which goes down as one of the most absurd reasons I’ve heard since running this blog.

French went back and forth with the deputies and at one point (2:45) was threatened with arrest on charges of obstructing if he did not turn off the camera.

Hillsborough Sheriff Lt. Diaz stated the following:

“You shine that camera on my face again, I will turn it off for you, impound it, and arrest you.”

French wrote a detailed account of his experience on the Tampa Bay Media Group website, stating that when he asked Lt. Diaz why he needed to move back if other citizens were allowed in the area, he was told that “they didn’t have cameras.”