UPDATE: Here is a video of the arrest.

Two reporters, including at least one videographer, were arrested earlier today while attempting to document a public meeting in Washington D.C.

The arrests prompted more than 30 cab drivers to walk out in protest during the D.C. Taxicab Commission meeting.

The reporters are Jim Epstein from Reason TV and Peter Tucker of the The Fight Back.

U.S. Park Police told Tucker they would release him without charges if he only promised not to shoot anymore video and just leave the meeting. He refused.

According to The Washington Post:

Tucker said he was charged with disorderly conduct and “unlawful entry/remaining.” He was released from custody about 3 p.m.

Tucker said that he was arrested after being directed to stop photographing the meeting of the Taxicab Commission, which was held at Park Police headquarters in Southeast Washington. Tucker has been chronicling the dealings of the taxicab industry on his Web site and WUST-AM radio, including a recent proposal to create a medallion system in the city.

 Both were charged with disorderly conduct and unlawful entry and have been released.