Back in April, right before the Royal Wedding, London police walked through neighborhoods arresting people they believed were planning to disrupt the sacred wedding.

But we didn’t make a big issue about it because the British apparently are willing to give up their most prized body part for the royal family. Plus, the arrest we saw on Youtube looked so civil compared to the arrests we see in the United States, that we figured maybe that guy wanted to get arrested, if anything for the tea and scones they are sure to serve in that jail.

Whether we were right or wrong, we really didn’t care because we have been doing things our way in the United States since the signing of the Declaration of the Independence.

But now that the newly married Royal Couple will be visiting Los Angeles, it seems that some locals are getting the Royal Inquisition treatment from the Los Angeles Police Department and the State Department who have been knocking on doors, warning residents to be on the lookout for photographers.

According to Perez Hilton, police will arrest anybody stepping on private property to snap a photo of the newlyweds.

The LAPD, in conjunction with the US State Department, are making the rounds through an upscale El Lay neighborhood to put residents on alert. Prince William and Kate Middleton are coming to town and they’ll be attending a swanky Hollywood soiree in the area. Neighborhoods have been advised to look out for photogs and report them to authorities immediately.

The event, hosted by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, will have its fair share of photographers on hand, but its the sneaky, sneak paparazzi that has the State Dept. concerned for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They’ve announced that they will arrest ANYONE who trespasses on private property to get a pic of the pair.

At least they will wait before the photographers step on private property to arrest them because in Fort Lauderdale, they are threatening to arrest anybody taking photos of celebrities from a bustling city sidewalk. We will protest that issue this Friday.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles Times just wrote about it.