The Orlando Copwatch founder who was arrested on New Year’s Eve after videotaping a police officer making an arrest is scheduled to go on trial Wednesday (tomorrow).

John Kurtz is charged with battery on a police officer after a cop accused him of hitting him in the chest. He is also facing resisting arrest without violence and obstruction charges.

He is facing six years in prison.

Meanwhile, the video camera he was using to record that night – the one that would likely prove what really took place that night – went missing after police impounded it. Nobody has any logical explanation as to where it could have gone.

And the cop who arrested him, Orlando police officer Adam Gruler who is renowned for his frequent use of his Taser gun also has a history of arresting people for videotaping him.

In 2007, he arrested a WFTV news videographer who was questioning him on the side of the road after Gruler, not in uniform, was pulled over by Orange County sheriff deputies for apparently driving reckless.

Here is a video of the incident but I haven’t been able to find any other information on it.


Kurtz’s trial was originally scheduled for last month but it was postponed for tomorrow.

Here is a Facebook page with all the details about his arrest and case, encouraging local residents to attend in support of Kurtz. I would attend if I lived in the area.

Kurtz, who spent seven days in jail after his arrest, has been playing a huge role in documenting the ongoing arrests of activists defying an Orlando ordinance by feeding homeless people in a city park.

On a related note, the hacker group Anonymous has vowed to go all out on the City of Orlando if it doesn’t stop arresting people for feeding the homeless.

Maybe Anonymous can find the missing camera.