The New York store owners I wrote about last week that claimed people did not have the right to photograph their store from a public sidewalk have gotten even bolder.

If you recall, the photographer who had been complaining about it on a New York website was encouraging other photographers to go by the store and take pictures of the weird-looking mannequins in the front window.

Well, apparently somebody took her up on the offer and ended up getting assaulted.

This is how it was described on New Yorkers Live Journal.

Hi [info]hopita. I have an update/warning. [My friend] went there last night, took pictures of the weird mannequins in her storefront, and she flew out of the store and grabbed the strap of his bag, pushed him up against a fence, pressed her body onto him and insisted he delete the photos while trying to physically detain him. [He] got a cop, the cop tried to explain to her that she was wrong, to which she just kept repeating “I know my rights, I know my rights,” even after the cops confirmed that she clearly does not know her rights. All of her friends got involved, screaming at [him] on the street. After she was informed that he did not need to delete anything, the cop took [him] down the block and said we all know she’s defensive because she’s selling illegal crap, but there have been incidences of violence on that block over much less of a disturbance, so take caution in how you proceed.

So long-time Photography is Not a Crime reader HLW decided to give it a try.

I met him last year when I was visiting New York and he is a huge leather-clad biker. I had pictures but somehow lost them, which is why I’ve never posted them.

He is a very nice guy, a family man, but he can come across intimidating if you judge him solely on appearance.

So naturally, he was able to snap a few shots without getting threatened or assaulted, although he did get flipped off once.

HLW posted his story on New York Live Journal, only to create a firestorm of comments with people berating him for taking pictures of the store owners without their permission.

If you’re in the area and want to check it out, here are the directions from the original post.

The store is unmarked, but it is on the south side of 30th Street, 2-4 stores west of the southwest corner of 30th and Broadway, with 3 cock-eyed mannequins (blue down-turned eyes) in brown wigs in the window, and whatever else fell off the truck that day