A 16-year-old kid recorded police handcuffing and arresting him for taking photos near railroad tracks in New York earlier this month.
Gregory Grice is a railfan, a train enthusiast, which means he’s a terrorist in the eyes of police.
He had been using his iPhone to record the train’s horn when police confronted him, so he ended up recording almost two hours of conversation during his detainment.
He posted three minutes of the recording in the above Youtube video where you can hear one officer getting on his case for “kneeling down with a device.”
When Grice asks why he is handcuffed, one of the cops responds by explaining, “because I don’t want to get hurt. I got my name on my shirt and I don’t know who you are.”
So if this cop fears teens with cameras, then maybe he is in the wrong line of work.
Grice, who volunteers at a railroad museum, ended up cited for “Unlawfully entering and remaining on RR property”.