Bill Beebe of Orlando likes to keep a close watch on things in his neighborhood, so when he spotted what appeared to be an unmarked police car waiting for speeders, he snapped a photo.

That, of course, got him pulled over.

He then turned on his lights and pulled us over. He then walked up and asked me if he could help. I told him I lived in the neighborhood and I pay attention to the unusual. That’s when he asked to see my ID and registration. I pulled out my license and showed it to him. Before I could reach for my registration he said “that’s fine”, that he wanted to make sure I lived in the neighborhood. I wonder if I would have been ticketed for some trumped up charge if I hadn’t.

Beebe said the unmarked silver Pontiac Grand Prix, driven by an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy, was in violation of a Florida Statute 316.605 because of an obstructed license plate, which was covered  by a piece of smoke-tinted plastic.

If the officer hadn’t decided to chase me down and harass me, I wouldn’t have been provided this wonderful view of the statute-violating tag on the rear of his unmarked vehicle. This is the kind of license cover that would earn a civilian a ticket every time a cop sees it. The only way I was able to read his tag clearly was to post-process the image to black and white with Lightroom 3.4.1 and Silver Efex Pro 2 in order to make the license clear enough to read.

The license plate number was Q20-2FN.