A Navy veteran was arrested after videotaping police officers in Tampa.

The incident took place in May but it is just now coming to the surface after WTSP reported on it Friday.

Unfortunately, WTSP does not bother to tell us on what charges Jeff Patch was arrested on.

But police said they did not arrest him for videotaping but for talking to them while they were trying to interview a witness to some other unspecified incident.

But the video shows that Patch was only responding to their commands and questions.

First they told him to back off because he was too close. So he did, but they still weren’t happy with him recording.

At the beginning of the tape, you hear the officer scream, “Get out from behind me.” Patch says he is sorry and walks off to the side. Then the police officer asks, “Why are you recording?”

Patch says, “I think not only is it my right, but I think it is my duty.”

That’s why Jeff Patch says he taped the late night Ybor City incident outside the club in May. He says the police officers didn’t like it. But even after Patch stepped at least 15 feet away, the officers came over, confiscated his cell phone, and arrested him.

On the recording, you hear Patch say, “I’m just letting you know I am recording.”

The police officer says, “Can I take this from you.” Then, the officer arrests Patch.