If you were keeping up with PINAC last month, you know that we had a huge issue with Fort Lauderdale police banning our right to photograph the Rock of Ages film set.

They had posted signs saying that photography was not allowed, even if you were standing in a public area that was not being leased to the film company.

So an attorney filed a lawsuit. And we organized a protest. And we drove up there to prove just how wrong they were.

On that day, the signs had been mysteriously removed, but we went through with our protest anyway, just to drive the point home.

Then a judge further confirmed that we had the right to take photos in public around the Rock of Ages film set.

But by then, they had stopped filming in Fort Lauderdale, so we wondered how it would be once they started shooting in Miami, where police can either be overly aggressive or lackadaisically lazy. There’s usually no in-between.

Last week I showed up to the film set where they have recreated the Hollywood Sunset Strip of the 1980s glam rock heyday.

I was accompanied by my friend and burlesque performer Isadora Bull, who felt right at home in the glam rock facade of what is actually a corner of one of Miami’s most notorious ghettos.

Plenty of security guards were on hand, but none of them gave us any issues. I have a feeling they were told to leave photographers alone, which made me very happy.

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