The Transportation Security Administration wants to assure us that photography and videography will continue to be allowed at airport checkpoints, despite hinting last month that it might revise that policy.

The agency’s top attorney, Margot Bester, sent a letter this week to the National Press Photographers Association, stating the following:

“Please be assured that TSA’ s goal is to protect passenger’s rights, including the right to record at passenger screening checkpoints, while ensuring that passenger screening operations can take place in an effective and efficient manner. We will continue to strive to meet this two-part commitment.”

Bester’s letter is no doubt a reaction to the letter NPPA attorney Mickey Osterreicher sent Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, after the TSA hinted that it might revise the current photo policy.

Hopefully, Bester will send a letter to the actual screeners, many who do not have a clue that photography is, in deed, allowed at checkpoints.

And hopefully we can continue to be entertained by videos of passengers stipping down to their underwear before walking through the checkpoint.