At least the Transportation Security Administration official didn’t prevent the man from videotaping a screener running her hands up and down the body of a female passenger to the point that she was in tears.

So maybe TSA is finally learning that videography is permitted at security checkpoints.

But now it begs the question to what extent must we go through in order to enjoy the privilege of traveling?

The law states that police need some type of reasonable suspicion before they can grope your body.

Yet the same law also allows TSA screeners to do the same simply because you choose to opt-out of a full body scanner.

The above video, which was uploaded Tuesday, was recorded at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

The man who uploaded the video goes by marklyon on Flyertalk, where he gives his account of what took place.

The female passenger walked away sobbing, saying she felt humiliated.

Remember that old adage about how the terrorists hate us for our freedoms?

Using that logic, they probably don’t hate us as much anymore.