Last year, we saw the above video of a Baltimore police officer lying to a citizen about how it is illegal to record somebody’s audio in Maryland.

The cops were roughing up a woman inside a clubhouse at the Preakness Stakes horse races. The man was just a bystander who started recording.

He turned the camera off as soon as he was wrongly informed that it was illegal to record.

But now it turns out that Baltimore cops deleted somebody else’s footage during the Preakness arrest.

And the ACLU is threatening to sue over it.

Christopher Sharp, who was friends with the woman being arrested, began recording with his cell phone.

One of the officers demanded he hand over the phone as “evidence,” which he refused to do at first.

He finally gave in when one of the officers promised to just download the clip and return the phone back to him immediately.

The officer ended up deleting all this footage, including videos of his son that had nothing to do with the arrest, before returning the phone to him.

According to the ACLU press release:

“I’m heartbroken over the videos I lost of my son and I doing things together,” said Christopher Sharp. “The videos were keepsakes of memories like his soccer and basketball games, times at the beach and the Howard County fair. It kills me that the police acted as if it was okay for them to could just wipe out some of my fondest memories. I used to trust police, but now I don’t anymore, because of how wrongly the police acted here, and because it seemed like this was just routine procedure for them.”

Sharp describes the incident in detail in the video below.

All doubts about whether it is illegal to record audio of police in public in Maryland were put to rest after a judge threw out the wiretapping case against Anthony Graber last year.