At first glance, you would think she would be the less aggressive cop.

After all, she looks to weigh only about 110 pounds.

But she was the only U.S. Capitol police officer who assaulted a videographer during Saturday’s lemonade stand protest in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

In fact, she slapped his camera down twice, coming close a third time when she refrained herself and simply placed a paper between herself and the camera.


The other cops, all male and burly, managed to arrest the activists without assaulting photographers.

And it was just as well because photographers outnumbered cops and activists at the scene.

The female cop – who has been identified as Sgt. Kathleen Bignotti by Cop Block – assaulted the videographer at 1:26 and 3:13 in the video, coming close at 1:56.

She didn’t mind being photographed last month for a Washington Post story.


The activists were protesting the wave of lemonade stand shutdowns that have taken place across the country this summer.

They knew they would get harassed and most likely arrested for operating a business without a permit.

Three activists ended up arrested on charges of failure to obey a police officer, unlawful conduct and vending without a permit, according to the Daily Caller.

These are the same group of activists who created a ruckus a couple of months ago by dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.

Capitol police got a little aggressive that day, slamming a few to the ground, including placing a chokehold on Adam Kokesh, an Iraq war veteran turned activist and news anchor.

While the arrests that day were technically legal – there is a law against dancing at the Jefferson Memorial – the police reaction was criticized by The Washington Post and sparked an internal investigation.

So you would think Capitol police would know how to control their tempers around these activists, most who are armed with rolling video cameras.

And most did on Saturday. Except one.