It took Las Vegas police four months what it took the rest of us four minutes to determine.

That officer Derek Colling was way out of line when he beat up and arrested a man for videotaping him.

Still, there is still a chance that Colling might go undisciplined for the March incident that was caught on video.

Outside of termination, the worst fate he may suffer is a 40-hour unpaid suspension.

But that’s a drop in the bucket considering he’s been on paid administrative leave since April 1 – a four-month vacation on the taxpayer’s dime.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that an internal investigation determined that Collings “violated several Metropolitan Police Department policies.”

Police did not give out many details but confirmed that the complaint of excessive force filed by Michael Crooks was sustained.

Crooks, 36, received a letter from the Internal Affairs Bureau notifying him of the findings earlier this week.

He said he was pleasantly surprised.

“It seems like they’re saying he was guilty, which is what I’ve been saying,” Crooks said. “I really hope he gets fired.”

Multiple supervisors in Colling’s chain of command will review the internal affairs report and decide his punishment, if any, Schofield said.

Crooks has a pending lawsuit against the department.